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Traditional Farmhouse Eco-Renovation

Location Great Salkeld, Eden Valley

Type Eco-renovation of a semi-derelict traditional barn and farmhouse

Careful restoration, and significant upgrade of the building structure and fabric, to create an efficient, contextual, family home 

Sustainability Strategy

PLACE +++ 

Careful placement of new windows, respect the vernacular form and connect the farmhouse interiors to the garden surroundings and views of the Lake District fells. Unused outhouses converted to house biomass boiler


The thermal upgrade of the house and barn improve comfort and efficiency. Many openable windows allow occupants to control their environment


Biomass boiler, and solar hot water panels, provide heat energy for the building


Rainwater is collected for irrigation 


Local stone, high performance timber windows and doors. Internal insulated cavity wall creates deep reveals around windows and doors and adds thermal mass



Local materials prioritised, local contractor and suppliers



Restored stonework, timber windows to replace old UPVC, and internal thermal upgrade returned the building to its prime as a traditional farmhouse, which functions as a highly efficient modern home  

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