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Book Your Non-Domestic Needs and Options Appraisal

Make a booking and receive our Project Process Plan together with your pre meeting questionnaire!


Our Needs an Options Appraisal is an exciting opportunity to fully explore your ideas, site and the potential of your project. We normally meet with you for 4-8 hours on site. Through a structured discussion we develop a strategic brief with you, based upon your priorities. This provides the chance to assess all of the opportunities and constraints upon your project, which will inform design decisions before significant costs are incurred.

This process allows us to create a design that meets your brief, timescale and budget. Our tried and tested Project Process Plan, which we share with you in our Needs and Options meeting, walks you through all the building stages, where we will need your input, and what you can expect from us and your builder. 

We design every project with the aim of making the construction, and use, as sustainable as possible. This design approach should be viewed  as an opportunity too improve, or create your building, making it more comfortable, cheaper to run and life enhancing. 

If you're excited to get going then the next stage is to book your appointment below!

Once you have chosen the right level for you, click the 'Make my Booking' button to send us an email. We have slots for N&O appraisals on Tuesday and Thursday each week. Drop us an email telling us a little about your project and the next Tuesday or Thursday convenient for you, and we'll get you booked in. 

Level 1

On Site Meeting

Discussion on Site: £900 + VAT

This on site meeting will give you an initial appraisal of your project ideas. During the 4-8 hour meeting on site we will identify strategic options and confirm the aims and objectives of the project. The meeting will include discussion focused on budget and timescales, as well as recommendations regarding issues such as planning permissions, drainage, party walls, renewable energy, environmental impact and design. 

Most commercial projects will require a feasibility study following this meeting. The depth and scale of the study will depend on your aims, timescale and budget, and we can advise you on this.

Level 2 

Strategic Options Study 

Discussion on Site + Strategy Options Report: From £2,000 + VAT

This option offers an an on site meeting plus a an outline strategic design assessment including analysis of design aspirations related to business plan, time constraints, financial and other resources, as well as technical factors to enable you to determine if you should take your project idea forward. For convenience this can be split into two interrelated topics. First the organisational assessment and second an architectural/technical assessment.This will allow you to appraise both the strategic and spatial concepts.


The report will also include an outline analysis of the site constraints and options, initial design concept/s with outline building programme and budget. This should give you the knowledge and confidence to decide how to proceed with your project, hopefully through planning permission and construction, right though to your dream building, supported all the way by us. 

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