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Off Grid Education Building 

Location Lake District National Park

Type Feasibility Study: Off Grid Education Building

This feasibility study was commissioned to asses the suitability of a remote barn, as a sustainable education facility. The location demanded an innovative approach to energy use, water conservation and drainage, as well as a sensitive and contextual design for the new building. The study concluded that the site provided a unique opportunity for a showcase environmental building to inspire and support learning. 

Sustainability Strategy

PLACE +++ 

The design celebrates the remote location, bringing the views of fells, as well as light, into the traditional barn. The new building uses local timber and stone to connect the barn to its woodland location. a wildflower meadow surrounds the buildings, with mown spaces used for outdoor education. 


The thermal upgrade of the barn, combined with a new high specification building, would create a quiet and healthy studying environment. 


A micro-hydro scheme and solar photovoltaic panels provide energy for the building.


Rainwater is collected and filtered for WC flush and irrigation. 


Timber SIPS system for new building. Cladding: local oak shingles, timber, glass and natural stone. 



Local materials prioritised, design accessible for all visitors. 



Low impact, carefully considered design, which respects the existing architecture and optimises the site location and orientation. 

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