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2030 architects is closing!

Rod Hughes has guided the practice since its inception in 2009 supported by a core team with considerable experience and skills.  2030 architects has always strived to provide inventive buildings which reflect their context and minimise their impact upon the wider environment. This has often been a challenge, balancing the aspirations of clients, the strictures of planning authorities and developing ever more sustainable design solutions.


The latest manifestation of this is the refurbished office for Westmorland and Furness Council, currently nearing completion. This building is on course to be Carbon Neutral and also a Certified Enerphit Passivhaus Retrofit. This will be the FIRST commercial building in the UK to achieve this status.

Rod's environmental journey really started in 1989 with a presentation to the 1st International Green Building Conference presenting an innovative Social Housing scheme which , amongst other things promoted a new material " sheep's wool insulation"! The research for this project which unfortunately did not proceed was passed to a local entrepreneur who later developed a very successful product which we all know and love!

The design of Cockermouth Schools Eco Centre in 2006 was a  milestone creating a carbon neutral "community led" design incorporating many environmental demonstration elements to inspire future generations. In fact our first year out student had attended the school and now is a successful architect in the SW.

Most of our work has been carried out in and around Cumbria which has enabled us to work with a range of highly skilled craftsmen, contractors and consultants, without whom none of our designs would materialise.


Even more crucial have been our committed clients who have made everything possible. To everyone we have worked with over the years, clients, contractors, consultants, planning officers, building control officers. Thank you!

 After  an architectural career spanning 40 years Rod has decided to step down as director of 2030 architects, and close the practice. However he is unable to stop doodling ideas and sharing experience, so he will be joining with Architects Plus in Carlisle to assist them in developing their sustainable design expertise. This will build on their  existing in-house Certified Passivhaus design skills and considerable commercial design experience.

The legacy lives on!

If you want to make your building project contribute positively to the environment contact

and start a dialogue about what it means to design a truly sustainable project. Remember the most important feature of a successful sustainable project is the COMMITMENT to aim for the highest environmental standards in the first place.

Everything else follows!!

January 24

The Passivhaus Enerphit Certified refurbishment of Voreda House is nearing completion after 3 years in development. This will be the FIRST Enerphit Commercial Retrofit in the UK! The project has been fraught with technical and operational difficulties but is finally approaching handover to the new client Westmorland and Furness Council. We hope that this building makes a huge contribution to the Zero Carbon ambitions of the council and provides an inspiring and life enhancing workplace for staff into the future.

February 23

Milestone on Passivhaus refurbishment of Voreda House for Eden District Council.

The new insulating panels and windows have been installed on the ground floor to test installation and coordination.

Great to see something going back on the building after months of careful demolition and structural repairs.

Looking forward to seeing the external cladding panels which will be a dramatic addition to the building.

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