BIM X 3D Model

BIM X is the tool we use to create an information rich model of your building. Whatever scale your project is creating a 3D model is where we start. It allows us to explore options for the design of your project with you, and coordinate the structure and services with consultants. 


We know from experience that traditional plans and sections of your project can be hard to envisage. With BIM X models we can walk your through how the spaces will look and feel, testing out interventions, 

live! The model can also be used to produce photo realistic images for planning applications, or marketing. This video above shows the basics of how a BIM X model works.


The video below shows Twin Motion in action. Twin Motion is an exciting new way to share real time renders with clients as the project develops. This software allows us to alter materials, lighting, weather conditions, planting schemes and many other aspects without the lengthy re-rendering process. For example creating a real time render of timber cladding on your scheme, by comparison to slate cladding, showing how both would look through the seasons, in different light and weather conditions. This powerful tool makes your ideas real, long before they are built, giving you the chance to make changes early on. 


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