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Our Design Values

Our Vision

At 2030 we believe in the power of sustainable architecture for positive change. We design for a better future, for all. We create inspiring buildings, rooted in the landscape, which are healthy, efficient and easy to use. We ask 5 simple questions to develop our design response for every project.

What is best for the client?

What is best for the environment?

What is best for the site?

What is the greatest aspiration for the project?

What is the best value that can be achieved ? 


Our designs are a celebration of their locations, responsive to the individual design brief, designed collaboratively with each client. Community centres, renovations, new homes, alpaca shelters, mountain rescue hubs and feasibility studies, are all approached with the same curiosity, sensitivity and dedication to enhance the spaces we inhabit. Based in the English Lake District, we celebrate the beautiful places we work and live in, with inspiring and imaginative designs. 


We design

  • Buildings and places that regenerate our environment

  • Value into your project

  • Contemporary low impact buildings 

  • And regenerate traditional buildings 

  • And make sustainable building easy


We support

  • Community projects for future generations

  • Minimum environmental impact for community buildings

  • Sharing our experience 

  • Collaborative, consensus led design


We invest in

  • Local contractors and consultants 

  • Products and services that minimise their environmental impact

  • Discount for community projects

  • ​We bank ethically and use renewable energy for our office

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